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Published: 21 October 2013
- Bob Holland
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Thinking Skills in Travel and Tourism - Unit 2

Leisure,Travel and Tourism
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Supported by the Welsh Government

Sustainable tourism, Social and cultural impacts of tourism, Economic impacts of tourism, The Ryder Cup, Swansea Marina

These materials are designed to support the DCELLS agenda for the development of thinking skills and AFL for learners following travel and tourism courses including:


  • GCSE Leisure and Tourism
  • AS in Travel and Tourism


The materials are sub-divided into three Units, each with five topics:


Unit 2 – The impacts of tourism, sustainability and regeneration

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Social and cultural impacts of tourism
  • Economic impacts of tourism
  • The Ryder Cup - Impacts
  • Swansea Marina - Impacts

Developing thinking enables learners to gain a deeper understanding of topics, to think flexibly and to make reasoned judgements and decisions.

Each of the topics consists of a series of thinking skills activities, supported by summary information about the topic.

It is suggested that the activities are undertaken first before learners are supplied with the supporting information.

The activities are designed to enable learners to think about the topic. It doesn’t matter if they make mistakes or get things wrong!

Leisure and Tourism
economic impact
Sustainable Tourism
Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism
Economic Impacts
Economic Impacts of The Ryder Cup
Swansea Marina


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