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Published: 27 October 2020
- Graham Reardon
- Michael Marshall
- Rhian Kift
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GCSE Geography knowledge organisers

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A bank of sample knowledge organisers to support the learning of GCSE Geography.

These could be used for revision or as a starting point for creating your own knowledge organisers.

student focused
knowledge organiser
Unit 1
Unit 2
Key Idea 1.1: Distinctive landscapes in Wales
Key Idea 1.2: Landform process and change in two different and distinctive landscapes of Wales or the wider UK
Key Idea 1.3: Drainage basins of Wales and the UK
Key Idea 2.1: The urban-rural continuum in Wales
Key Idea 2.2: Population and urban change in the UK
Key Idea 3.1: Tectonic processes and landforms
Key Idea 3.2: Vulnerability and hazard reduction
Key Idea 2.3: Urban issues in contrasting global cities
Key Idea 4.1: Vulnerable coastlines
Key Idea 4.2: Managing coastal hazards
Key Idea 5.1: Climate change during the Quaternary period
Key Idea 5.2: Weather patterns and process
Key Idea 5.3: Processes and interactions within ecosystems
Key Idea 5.4: Human activity and ecosystem processes
Key Idea 6.1: Measuring global inequalities
Key Idea 6.2: Causes and consequences of uneven development
Key Idea 6.3: Water resources and their management
Key Idea 6.4: Regional economic development
Key Idea 7.1: Measuring social development
Key Idea 7.2: Contemporary issues
Key Idea 8.1: Consumerism and its impact on the environment


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