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Published: 10 March 2023
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Personal Skills Build Record

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales
Level 3 >

The Personal Skills Build Record will support the learner’s development of the Personal Effectiveness skill throughout the course. Learners are provided with the opportunity to assess their strengths and identify areas that need to improve for each Project. The resource is based on the three stages of reflection, gathering feedback, and evaluation of their behaviours, performance, and outcomes. This will support the learner in becoming self-aware, understanding how others perceive them and to develop an understanding of the assessment grids.

Learners must download this resource and complete the sections for each of the Integral skills and consider the three Embedded Skills when they have used them. This is an important document that the learners will use when they complete a self-evaluation at the end of the course as part of the Individual Project assessment.

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