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Published: 12 April 2023
- David Egan
- Rachel Lawer
- Saira Malik
- Sarah Rees
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Enhancing Planning and Organisation Skills

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales
Level 3 >

This blended learning resource contains interactive self-study content covering important aspects of Planning and Organisation skills.

The resources are designed to complement traditional face to face teaching and enhance learning opportunities. They include relevant activities where students can apply their skills either individually or with others. There is opportunity for teachers to provide feedback to the students on how well they have performed.  

The resources are designed to help students develop their planning and organisation skills in relation to some of the specific skills within the Integral Skill that students will be assessed on within the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales. The resources can also be used as a revision tool by students, or as part of catch-up for lessons missed.

These resources should be used in conjunction with other teaching and learning materials to provide the students with a comprehensive programme of study.

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Advanced Skills


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