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Published: 22 January 2015
- Debbie Jones
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Advertising and Marketing

Media Studies
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This resource aims to prepare students for the GCSE topic area of Advertising and Marketing by focusing on print advertising and television advertising.

The range of classroom tasks have been devised to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of print advertising linked to Section A: Thinking about the media - Investigating of the specification framework while also developing creative and planning skills through interlinked activities.

The creative tasks will allow students to prepare for Section B: Thinking about the Media – Planning with a focus on television advertising and the convergent nature of contemporary media.

Every effort has been made to seek copyright permission for the images contained within the resource. If, however, you would like us to remove a particular image then please contact us and we will do so immediately.

While all resources were correct at the time of publishing, teachers should be aware that things move quickly in the media industry and should therefore check that the information is still current and correct.

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