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Published: 02 December 2015
- Debbie Jones
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Film trailers and posters

Media Studies
KS4 >

This resource is intended to support teaching of the unit 1 2016 Advertising and Marketing topic, specifically focusing on film trailers for section A and film posters for section B of the examination. 

Film trailers or film posters can also be used in subsequent years as the basis of controlled assessment work. The resource covers the Media Studies framework (Texts: Genre, Narrative and Representation, Organisations, Audiences and Users) in relation to film trailers and film posters, and considers a range of case studies, both contemporary and historical.

Various interactive teaching and learning activities are included, which could be used with a whole class or completed individually. The resource is suitable both as an introduction to the topic and for use as a revision tool.

Film Industry
Film studies
Film trailers
film posters
Film trailers
Film posters


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